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The Mike Varley Plain Dealer: The “What Inspires You?” Lecture

October 8th, 2010

Dear friends and all,   Is there a use to holiness in this modern world?  If we can push enough of our animal buttons to be amped 85% of the time, isn’t that enough?  Do we really need a soul after all?  It won’t change my miles-per-gallon.  I ask this genuinely: do we need a […]

“What Inspires You?”

August 5th, 2010

“What Inspires You?” is a survey lecture on writing I prepared in August 2010 for an appearance at the Harborfields Public Library in Greenlawn, NY.  The title was not chosen by me, but the more I read it the more I favored its meaning.  During the lecture, I encouraged questions from the audience both to […]