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Opening Reception for “On the Grid” at Camel Art Space

August 25th, 2010 by admin


“On the Grid” invitational exhibition
August 21st – 29th, 2010
Camel Art Space

• On the Grid • is an invitational exhibition comprised of artists, national and inter-national, that have submitted work for consideration by Camel Art Space over the past year. These artists have been invited to submit work to be placed on a grid formed on the walls of Camel Art Space. The artwork’s location on the grid is randomly determined by lottery.

Partly denying itself the empowered role of curator, Camel Art Space has left the contents of the show to the chance doings of the artists involved, making a cohesive, centralized concept or theme impossible. Thematic chaos promises to reign within the structured confines of the grid, celebrating the unexpected by giving the artist control and allowing the prospect of chance to arrange the work. Within this rigid predictable structure no one knows what will happen…

Participating Artists:

Jody Erickson • Jacek Maczynski • Jaclyn Brown • Carl Auge • Al Lewis • Pamela Johnston • Laura Craft • Leah Schrager • Benjamin Sisto • Jean-Paul Cattin • Anita Sto • Carrie Elston • Sam Keogh • Tracy Iannone • Jake Remington • Yuko Ueno • Ray Paul • Keri Oldham • Alisa Mulina • Christa Diepenbrock • John Kesling • Cassandra Giacci • Rachel Wells • Erica Stoller • David Zukas • Dominique Quintana • Chris D’Acunto • Mike Varley • Igor Ivanov • Jamie Kelty • David Cruz • Nikki Katsikas • Asha Canalos • Nate Moss • Corydon Cowansage • Chelsea Linehan • Christopher Quirk • Amy Madden

(non)-curated by: Chris McGee & Rob de Oude



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