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Vermont Vacation, August 2010

August 10th, 2010 by admin

Vermont was beautiful.  In the eight years since I’ve been there, I’ve shed many histories.  There to meet us was solitary love – spiritual, infinite and ours.  We caught sight of simplicity too good to be real, too free of our self-impositions.  A vacation from life or a life of vacation?  My radio broadcasts it’s last country station and we’re free to go back to our manacle-dreams.  How impossibly beautiful to wear lead-free sleeves.

May our lives be lost to time yet never depart from emotion.

Woodbury Lake

You light the pilot
and I’ll light the furnace.
You grease the pan
and I’ll clean the dishes.
Carpenter ants and dead mice,
flush the toilet after dinner.
Scream in pleasure
from the thought of it all:
speckled domestic treasures.

Ben and Jerry’s

I come to you in joy
when there’s nowhere else to be.
At the Ben and Jerry’s graveyard
underneath the old oak trees.
At the sight of Cloris Leachman at a nunnery.
At Dixie’s trial for hiring an immigrant refugee.
On the stoop.
In the sky.
In the dark of night,
Under your breath.

Everywhere there’s nowhere else to be.

Unadilla Theatre

Driving the Adirondack’s in
the air of contentment,
savoring every opportunity to blink
classless in our joy.
We knew no thoughts among us
but the words of sacred tongues
spoken only in these too-tall-to-be-hills.

You were the only thing that mattered,
and the only thing I’d lose.

Smuggler’s Notch

I turned off my motel’s vacancy sign for you.
I sat at the corner in my best suit for you.
I stopped the camera at Smuggler’s Notch for you.

You say the word and I’ll dive after it.
You give the signal and I’ll chase carrot-tips.

Our hopes to stay together
rest inside a roadside jerky tin.

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