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On Bitterness (19 Questions)

April 20th, 2008 by admin

On Bitterness (19 Questions)

How do you spell “indignation” in a beautiful way?
How do you fight hypocrisy that zaps like a bug lamp?
Is it possible to be broken in the best possible way?
Is it reasonable to judge a man on his very best day?

How did the olives and the oil meet their parting?
How did the orchid make love without lifting a petal?
Is there love to be found in a cold fountain soda?
Is there love beyond bubbles, beyond carbon made quotas?

How come priests rot like libraries, unused though effective?
How come martyrs walk for miles for a hit of reassurance?
Is one stronger when led by design that’s collective?
Is one forthright word folly so hot it’s convective?

How bout them truck drivers, Wal-Mart’s anemic vessels?
How bout coal miners daughters burst inside from torn allegiance?
Is their heartache, broad and narrow, meant to hang from railroad tressels?
Is their precious soul’s consignment mashed by crude oration’s pestle?

How have we come to this luckless, soulless ending?
How have the children lost care for pretending?
When the scholars prevail and amend all that’s ‘clinging’,
what will church sound like when the time comes for singing?

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