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“Bruce and Dom” Scene Ten – I Thought You Were Gay

October 9th, 2012 by admin

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“Bruce and Dom” Scene Ten: I Thought You Were Gay

This week, Dom reveals his true feelings to Bruce:

Bruce and Dom Trivia

This is the final formal scene to take place in the living room set, the moment of love declaration that concludes the courtship phase of the relationship. In real life, it’s Rick or “Bruce’s” living room out in Huntington, Long Island. The mantle is dressed with various Long Island sports memorabilia and the trophy from the World Series of Rafters, a sporting event local to my childhood neighborhood I host yearly. The fish and Santa Hat are a normal occurrence.

From the Archives: “Our Electric Tethers” 

“Our Electric Tethers” is the final in a set of three 6′X4′ canvasses I did during my mid twenties.  It combines the Circle of Life – a sacred geometry symbol dating back thousands of years (see above) – with over 200 painted electrical cords salvaged from street corners and recycling centers.   The inscription in the circle’s center is “We Are Better Than Our Electric Tethers.”  Click the pic to see the full piece and process.

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