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Week one: “Bruce and Dom: The Movie” is here!

August 22nd, 2012 by admin

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After many years of slow but steady progress, I’m pleased to present to you “Bruce and Dom: Transcripts From a Burgeoning Relationship,” a feature-length art film starring Ed Cosgrove and Rick Sempowich.

“Bruce and Dom” tells the story of one relationship’s life cycle as though a trained stenographer were in place to capture it all.  Instead of the couple who spoke the words, however, the tale is told through two late, middle-aged men.  View the trailer here.

“Bruce and Dom” is a hybrid of two film mediums, one blossoming and the other established.  It combines the episodic structure, vignette length and experimental nature of viral video with the plot development, emotional connection and run time of traditional film.  It will be distributed both as a weekly internet serial and through the film festival circuit.

“Bruce” and “Dom” are not trained actors, but Regular Joes thrown in the deep end.  In the film, two relationships evolve before our eyes.  The trick of it all is discerning the difference.

How this works

“Bruce and Dom” was created with episodic consumption in mind.  This first week has three episodes to get you familiar with the tone, but each subsequent email will be one episode with a bit of trivia about the film.  There are 22 episodes in all.  In addition, there is a radio play version of the movie that you can experience concurrently.  Without further fanfare, here are the first three episodes:

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The Back Issues

Each week during the launch of “Bruce and Dom,” I’ll highlight some work from my back catalog you might have missed the first time around. With the Presidential election fast upon us, it’s worthwhile to revisit my coverage of the 2008 campaign on my spoken word CD, “The Events of Election ’08.”

Thanks for engaging, and I look forward to sharing this story with you all for the next few months.

Mike Varley

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