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On The Economy, Part II

September 28th, 2008 by admin

On the Economy, Part II

Dow, Dow
I’m watching the Dow
Down, Down, Dow

Down past the fingernails tearing slivers of cuticles off fingers of customers, 401Kers calling at all hours and me uncertain and itchy and scratchy blind to the flowers.’Cause where’s the timefor such trivialities in a market such as this in a market such as this in a market where nothing exists but the cut corners of felt tips piled high on the floor and AP photos of traders gone hoarse screaming nothingness to prove confidence to the folks at the base of their respective pyramids.

I drink Red Bulls cause it gets me off on numbers and I got two kids and they both got no father and I got a fuck up brother who sells box store lumber and I’m dumping that stock – he should be sacked within the hour.

I got a big fucking house insured by AIG I got a wife who thinks that sacrifice is cutting grass for free. My friend at Merrill Lynch called crying, tried to sell his season seats to me. I’m the only guy left in the whole damn office not getting by on pedigree.

I buy twelve packs of night guards and boil them for the week like my grandpa did on Sunday nights with hard-boiled eggs. He has a tin-handled lunch box and a Minnesota smile. When his wife died it took his pathetic mattress savings, he worked until the day he turned into a child.

I read the New York Post because it makes me laugh and validates my assertion that appearance is everything. This is not narcissism but self-actualization, and a job helping others might as well be a goiter.

You need me as much as any soldier fighting for commodities. Part Houdini, part P.T. Barnum, I’m the one that keeps us from the economic slave chains. I’m that strange, back-tracking digit on the Union Square debt exhibit. I’m the rounded off dollar in your $999 sofa. I’m Simony’s successor and Usury’s underwriter, and the only way you’ll see me pay is massive hydrogen reset.

Some nutjob was walking Wall Street yesterday, strange look in his eye, ranting about context, waving a sign as everyone passed. It said “Peace on Earth is Art free from Commerce.” Yea? Well who said anyone was searching for silence.

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