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A Discourse on Sweeteners

May 1st, 2008 by admin

There’s a new manifesto in the “stories” section – “A Discourse on Sweeteners”:

“Last night, Friday, March 30th 2007, I spent 8:30-10:30 PM covering a twelve-foot long boardroom table with 1500 Sweet ‘N Low packets. The packets were all face up and facing in the same direction, creating a symmetrical effect. Pictures were taken for posterity.

I do not know what spurred on this desire exactly. I simply walked into the kitchen, saw the box of Sweet ‘N Low packets that had been sitting on the kitchen counter all day, thought to myself “I need to cover the dining room table with those,” and got to work. I will not pretend to understand this motivation, but at no point did my drive to finish taper. I simply worked and thought about the process as I went. I decided to record my meditations as I worked and will now share them with you.”

There are pictures of the table along with downloadable mp3 and pdf versions in the “stories” section. Go check it out.


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