Our Electric Tethers

"Our Electric Tethers," 2011 - 6'x4', latex paint and electrical cords mounted on plywood. "Our Electric Tethers" was not created so much as harvested, over many months with a box cutter from street corners and recycling centers. The severed cords were not painted but bathed, then hung from clotheslines to dry in sunny winter:



The middle seal, the Flower of Life, was a gift to me from a New Age woman I taught in a public library writing workshop. In deep meditation I appeared to her in a vision, and she strongly suggested I read a book by Sacred Geometrist Drunvalo Melchizedek. The book's intentions missed me, but I was struck by the symbol and decided to honor her intuition:



The piece came together over spring and late winter, scraping paint off metal prongs and threading cords through plywood. Inside these cords were interesting layers I never thought to consider. Silver wrapping and rainbow wires; its color coding is still lost to me:



Beneath the Flower is a hidden message for those who observe close enough. "We Are Better Than Our Electric Tethers," in green letters behind sacred circles. In my work, I aim not to dictate but to provide fertile context for viewer imagination. Everyone has their story, and I gauge success by eliciting yours. This is not to say the words are devoid of personal meaning, and for those interested I would say this: the earmarks of progress lie not in our inventions but our intentions. Within this digital chaos lies a multitude of graces, but all will be for nothing if we hand the leash to data.