About Me

All I see and all I hear is all I ever am. The past is faded canvasses, stripped of old intentions. The future's wrapped in bandages so thick it's not worth mention. The only point to writing is to feel the revelation; the only point to making is to spy the First Creation.

To strive for unconscious mathematics and expression of the tide in a wink, a laugh, all moves an artful gesture. To prove the underside of failure is a thing we haven't named yet; to round its corner and find the source of life. To send up flares in hopes to catch those few with eyes turned upward. To remind ourselves these poetries when darker eyes turn inward.

For the maimed and the lonely, and all you see yourself to be projected through a prism of compassion. I feel the world About Me and its reflection is my story, carved of rushing empathy - my river-like eyes define me. For you, for me, for the moment that's now, contained by your glowing-box browser. We have here and we have now and that's all that ever mattered.

About Me, 2008

About Me, 2007