About Me

College is gone, no longer reachable but still fragrant in my mind. Two years gone and still defining by the absence, wondr'ing if that ever goes away. Of course, it's not as maudlin as I make it out to be - at least, not anymore. While there, I made sculpture steeped in community, hoping to catch people unguarded. They live on as curious artifacts and bird swept bread trails.

Since college, I've made bracketed sport of childhood pastime, turned elections transparent and made luminous garments from base solvents. I've parted from imposed identities, blindly fondled new identities, and am currently sporting Cadillac identities on lay-away, praying the wheels don't fall off before the check comes. I've mapped the human jeans, bagged slogans, unLocke'd the childhood conscience and emancipated the art of reference from the grasp of cable TV.

Since college, I've gone crazy in several subtle ways, lost love, found it, discovered brand new anxieties, lost the lessons learned from anxieties past, and generally "kept it real". The mystery behind it all is where these potholes in my life come from and why the concrete is so strictly rationed. I pray to Peace I one day come across the road less raveled.

I'm fighting the influence of role models who put Easter bonnets on mummified dreams and convince themselves happy. I'm working on my humility. I've turned the camera fully on myself and am still adjusting to the glare. I'm thinking thoughts you've thought, and up till now you guessed yourself alone. I'm working on a new accent: "understated educated". I made elaborate plans to build a fish hatchery until I got to the part where I saw myself a prominent lobbyist in Washington. I'm working on cleaning out my false futures.

I can't tell if martyrdom is good or bad, I struggle with staying in the present and I believe silence to be undeniably sexy. In brief, the third person "about me" section is a dead perspective - I don't have time for its modesty. If you really were wondr'ing "about me", this sentence is all that you need.

About Me, 2007