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On Bill Richardson

April 7th, 2008 by admin

On Bill Richardson

Albuquerque benefactor,
Pennsylvania mile.
The growth upon Allegiance face
shorn clear appears a child.

Kitchen cab’net keepsake
sip cup worn and true.
Spring cleaning Yakov Smirnoff
insolent cup cleans you.

Simpsons reference 3:16
a language for the lost.
I’d quote the Summa if I thought
your ears were not the cost.

Big Billy Richardson,
intent like desert dust.
Is hope your heartfelt purchase point
or have you found new lusts?

Cranberries, Pomegranate,
strained Hibiscus teas.
Northern duck and curried lamb,
tastes more rare than these.

When the time for toasts arrives,
what words occasion prescribes?

“To Bill –
the pipped slab of foresight,
the boldly ungauzed cause.
you spurned the rules,
you left them fools,
what virtue to your flaws.”

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