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Bruce and Dom, Scene Twenty-One: Cupid’s Goodbye

January 2nd, 2013 by admin


“Bruce and Dom” Scene Twenty One: Cupid’s Goodbye

Richie has a message for all the haters. 

Bruce and Dom Trivia

Richie Sempowich is the name of the young man dressed in the Catholic school uniform, playing air piano and constantly suppressing a smirk. He taught me firsthand the humor and humility in working with children actors.

His most particular contribution was in the editing room. In the scene “Cupid’s Goodbye,” Richie was asked to sit quietly with a CD player on his lap until someone told him otherwise. Everyone in the room turned their backs to Richie in order to prevent him from giggling. It took four takes, but we got it.

Since that scene was void of talking, we often used it in the sound design stage to patch up fluky sections of audio. It took us a year of being constantly perplexed by the mysterious, omnipresent clicking noises of the movie before we realized our supposedly pristine audio was actually a recording of Richie sporadically flicking the AM/FM switch on the CD player. No one caught it because we all had our backs to him.

These humblings aside, Richie was a vital component to “Bruce and Dom,” providing a youth and innocence that keeps the film buoyant. I look forward to him disavowing the experience in his teen years only to re-embrace it in college.

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These pants were the first in my clothing to canvas series of works.  Regular jeans were treated with bleach and then stenciled and painted with acrylic.  For a look at both sides of this piece, click the link.

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