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Bruce and Dom, Scene Seventeen: Car Fight

December 3rd, 2012 by admin

“Bruce and Dom” Scene Seventeen:   Car Fight

Returning from a weekend visiting the parents, things get heated in the car:

Bruce and Dom Trivia

Location three of the film was the church basement of St. Patrick’s Parish in Huntington, New York. Permission was granted to us to film there by the late Alan Jones, my uncle and a wonderful, caring man. In the basement is a stage with a red velvet curtain, perfect for the more dramatic tones of the film’s concluding act.

From the Archives: “We Know You Know I Know”

We Know You Know I Know is a non-fiction piece from 2008 detailing a run-in I had with a clothing designer who sought take my ideas and make them her own without giving proper credit.  Check out the link for both the text and the audio version.

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