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“Bruce and Dom” Scene Fourteen: Hesse

November 6th, 2012 by admin

“Bruce and Dom” Scene Fourteen: Hesse

Bruce and Dom discuss what would happen should it one day come to an end:

Bruce and Dom Trivia

At 1:27 long, Hesse is the shortest scene in the film. It marks the conclusion of the comfort phase of the relationship. Hesse is perhaps my favorite author. His novel Siddhartha was a major influence on the work “All You’ve Ever Wanted Has Always Been Right Here.” You can read the short story Augustus as part of the compilation “Strange News From a Distant Star.”

From the Archives: “Om”

“Om” is canvas two of the Mid-Twenties Triptych.  It is mixed media, 6′x4′, consisting of foam hands, pins, styrofoam lettering, latex and spray paint.  For a corresponding description piece and process video, click the link.

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