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“Bruce and Dom” Scene Thirteen: Love is a Hot Mess”

October 30th, 2012 by admin

“Bruce and Dom” Scene Thirteen:  Love is a Hot Mess

This week, a special hurricane-delayed edition of the Bruce and Dom saga.  In it, B and D discuss how to train your significant other:

Bruce and Dom Trivia

This scene is based on a real article, actually titled “What Shamu taught me about a Happy Marriage.” You can read the article here.

From the Archives: “Highway Slavation/Our Yearly Visit”

“Highway Salvation/Our Yearly Visit” is article three in a series of works using ruined/rejected clothing and apparal as canvas, dating back to 2007.  The pants are paper-mached and two-sided; one side uses map covers, the other the maps themselves.  Text overlays both.

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