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“Bruce and Dom” Scene Twelve: The Lost Son’s Profession

October 23rd, 2012 by admin

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“Bruce and Dom” Scene Twelve:  The Lost Son’s Profession

This week, Bruce shares more about her brother:

Bruce and Dom Trivia

Bruce and Dom marks the last large scale writing project I was involved in. It’s writing ran concurrently with the 34-part series “The Events of Election ’08”. Since then, I’ve written one short story, a documentary piece, a handful of A/V spoken word pieces and about 20 or so pages of script for the Brunch movie. Correspondence and journals keep me practiced, but the major works of the intervening years were mainly canvas work and the movie itself. The time is coming back around for another major writing project.  Currently I am in the middle of a weekly series for this election cycle, The Events of Election 2012.

From the Archives: “A Letter to Curtis”

When living in Austin, TX, a roommate of mine sent care packages and letters to her nephew fighting overseas and asked housemates to contribute letters to the cause.  This letter was my contribution.  

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