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“Bruce and Dom” Scene Seven: Dress Pocket Sexy

September 18th, 2012 by admin

“Bruce and Dom” Scene Six:  Dress Pocket Sexy

This week, Bruce describes the simple pleasures and ingenious design of a sundress with pockets:

Bruce and Dom Trivia

With the exception of “my Wild Irish Rose” in scene ten, all the songs were composed by myself using several inexpensive keyboards. The title song that introduces each piece was actually my first composition ever, figured out on an old lute that was left at the co-op I lied at down in Austin, TX. I had no experience in music prior to filming, but figured it out as I went along. How I possibly imagined this movie without music at the start is beyond me. It’s vital for giving a viewer context when the actor’s are so restrained in their emotion. Favorite tracks of mine include I think I need a New Heart, The Logical Conclusion, Bruce-iloquoy and Dress Pocket Sexy, this week’s scene.

“Night Driver” – The Queen/Mob Demos

Check out “Night Driver,” the music video for my side music project “Queen Mob,” featuring Mark Eicher, Galen Pittman,Darin Quan, Jordan Schauer and Cindy Shaoul.  Clicking the link will also take you to all the Queen/Mob demos.

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