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The Events of Election 2012 – Barack’s Letter from Afghanistan

August 10th, 2012 by admin

“Barack’s Letter from Afghanistan”

Dear Michelle,

Please forgive my long delay in reply. I know you’ve been needling me about it for months now and I must say, it’s a sound strategy. But now, somewhere over the Atlantic at 30,000 feet, I finally get a chance to sit still. These days, the best part of diplomacy is the travel time.

Three years since we last wrote, eh? Never has three years seemed so long in my life. In a good way, mostly; just a stress-filled way. All this power changes time in strange ways.

We already talked about Jerusalem; there’s not much more to say about it, really. I’ve pushed that ambition to the back of the priority list. Just give me stasis till the end of my term. Maybe my successor will have more luck once Benny’s gone.

When do you think you lost the sense that love was the answer to all life’s problems? I’m pretty sure I was thirty or so. You need to lose it to change the world, that I’m sure of. But what if, in the process, you lose the ability to change yourself? If I have to wear one more flag pin, Michelle, I might just freak out right there at the Rose garden podium. When you’re led by love, the only thing you need to do is be yourself.

As for the ambassador’s son, what can I say: I know what my ladies like. What I don’t like is him beating me at Words with Friends all the time. I have a doctorate in law for Harvard University, how does this kid keep beating me? I swear he’s using the internet to cheat.

The Sasha thing I wouldn’t worry about. I found out which cameraman it was. He won’t be a problem anymore.

Isn’t it crazy that you can be more proud of a child whose only accomplishment so far is growing than any effort you’ve ever put out in your life? How many times have you looked at the kids and thought without them, you’d be a lesser person? When I see you in their faces, only to change in an instant to see my own, I see the greatest present I’ve ever given or received, from the best friend I’ve ever known. And then I see my mother’s face, and I can’t catch my breath from new insight.

Finally, the hate. I know, it’s awful. But what can I do about it that’s a stronger response than doing my job? People search for the worst in each other, cause they don’t want to see the worst in themselves. And even as I know this, my profession expects me to exploit it. It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s what the people expect and I’m here to meet expectations.

I’m only in Afghanistan for the weekend. I should be home in time for Malia’s game, but if not let her know I’m bringing home a present for her.

Thank you for thinking me special. You say it enough, but with your eyes you’d never need to say more than once.

I love you,

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