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The Events of Election 2012 – On Todd Akin

August 20th, 2012 by admin

On Todd Akin

I’ve taken it on as my job occupationally and vocationally to empathize with those that merit no immediate compassion, but damn man, what-were-you-thinking? Did you read a pamphlet from some wingnut, online-doctor approved by the party leaders? Did you not have a strong female presence in your childhood? Do women seem to you some other species, capable of secreting sperm-acid spermicide?

And even then, even if they had some sort of magic thorax, that it wouldn’t matter? That women are humans with rights and opinions? That without full control of their bodies, they are kept as permanent subservients? That the only thing worse than an unborn child is an unloved child?

It’s just a bad move all around, man.

Look, I know you’ve getting hit with a lot of tough truths right now, so I’ll only say this to you: when you look back your life to this point, you will see a path that has led you to this decision. Look at it, accept it, and then realize you are not that path but your own person. There’s no need to patrol the path once you’re off it.

Join us on the path that allows women to walk on it. You might get some harsh stares at first, but everyone would respect you in the end.

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