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The Events of Election 2012 – At the DNC Convention

September 10th, 2012 by admin

“At the DNC convention”


God Damn Michelle Obama is a fine woman. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful, but it’s so much more than that. It’s in the eyes and the emotion, all sincerity and intelligence. Self-assured and unafraid, capable of any task the world would suit to give her.

It was her night to do the “stand by your man speech, but she did so much more. She posed before the nation an honest question: does fairness matter? A fair question to present, given an arbitrary system. Fairness is consensus, not universal, and it favors the folks that are sitting at the bottom. Down in Tampa they offered the premise that the slope should ease out at the top. The folks at the top should rightly be admired, but only if the difficulty matches the altitude. Otherwise, all our great summiters would behave act as though filled with helium.


Slick Willy. When I was growing up, you were an enemy of my Republican household. We went to the Right to Life marches and jeered your name. We watched your demise on the black and white TV that sits in the family cabin. Your ideas were never examined, your accomplishments were never observed.

That said….you are one stud of a politician. You make nearly 50 minutes of policy unpacking seem like a lawnchair and six-pack affair. And I’ll tell ya, it takes some real brass for you to come that close to referencing your balls and think — know — believe those most famous balls in America could get away with it.


Obama. Look, we’re old friends by this point. You did a fine job pushing forward the logical narratives of your potential legacy. In your unique way of imbuing soaring words with grounded emotion, you told the story that had to be told.

I see now it’s beyond your power to be anything but single-minded. It’s a relatability problem with completely different challenges from Mitt Rombot. They know you struggled to get where you are, but it’s beneath you to show off the scars.

It’s your method and it got you this far. We’ll see if it’s enough for hope to survive.

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