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On Memorium: Remembering Tim Russert

June 22nd, 2008 by admin

On Memoriam: Remembering Tim Russert

Tim, you kept a solid rhythm. All these other Marchtimes tense my neck, but you played it true.
Tragedy marks the best of revolutions.

I’m not one to quibble over contexts if it marks my advantage, and in this respect I am your lesser. So while I’d spin you a tale that’d hang you on banners, you’d just shake your head, casually disagree. Then I’d go back to filling graphite bubbles, safe in the knowledge you held the answer key.

So I’d recognize sooner than patriotize, knowing full well Fox News thinks my thoughts. They likely have montages now in the works showing you getting drinks with Dick Cheney. Perhaps a nice photo of you and McCain in a field full of puppies and daisies.

But I’ll stick to the high road, the lonesome goodbye road, knowing it the path you held dear. But everyone knew you guarded the low road.

What now will the savages fear?

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