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On Obama’s Jelly Doughnut

July 27th, 2008 by admin

On Obama’s Jelly Doughnut

“Hope does not wait for election results,” he said without speaking the words. “A title like President contains no real relevance when 200,000 are sworn.

“Now I know some years earlier you’ve felt this before, rallied by acts most horrific. So you lent us your hearts and in true Yankee style we maxed them out before breakfast. You’d think with such capital we could have done something like annexed some nations by now. But we bet all on black – one Iraqian error – so now you both hate us with nothing to sate us.

“Of course, I’m not judging either way. I’m just a good-looking word man with flexible game plans and love is the soup of the day. Had fear proved more able I’d likely be elsewhere, hunting the urgency down. But these guys are hopeless in more ways than one: hopeless in outlook, hopeless in tact. The urgency clings like burrs to their back and opportunity like this comes a lifetime or so – I’m a desperate climate farmer, with diction I sow.

“So. Let me tell you a story of your own family history, in soaring tones they love in the states. Indulge me the concept of change in your language and embrace the humming that swells in your chest. They tell me I have no foreign experience, with the straightest of faces they almost seem serious. But it’s easy to be serious when ignorance holds you back. When the closest you’ve been to Thailand is the corner noodle shack. When Africa is nothing more than a landfill for human sorrow. When Muslim’s are the Krauts of past, the Chinese of tomorrow.

“Let me turn you on in ways that have nothing to do with sex. Let’s dance like we know what we’re doing and see how far it gets us. I can’t claim that the ice caps will suddenly harden, but at least we won’t leave this world restless.

“I suppose some of you find me arrogant to speak like I’ve already made it. But see, everyone’s called to their personal Jesus. I’ve just been called to relate it.”

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