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“On Osama Bin Laden, 2011″

May 7th, 2011 by admin

Last Sunday night, upon hearing the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death via midnight text message, I went down to Ground Zero to experience the moment.  It was a very complicated place down there that night, joy and patriotism mixing with sorrow and death in a way I’ve never before experienced.
I almost didn’t bring my camera, but I thought I’d regret it if I didn’t.  I’ve spent this past week using spare time and sleep time to mold that footage along with words and music into something equal parts timely and long reaching.  It aims to both capture my impressions without invalidating others’ emotions and note the day’s profundity that we might gain from tragedy.  A fine line to tread, to be sure, and I hope you find it meets its mark.  If you do, please pass the film along to others you think might enjoy it.
As always, thank you for your time and support.
Mike Varley

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