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On a Pig, Lipstick

September 14th, 2008 by admin

On a Pig, Lipstick

I’ve complied a list of terms you should stay away from Barack, just to make sure we don’t have another “Lipstick on a Pig.”

Lipstick on a pig, lipstick on a moose, lipstick on any dog less fierce than Pit Bull, lipstick earmarks, lipstick tax, lipstick to nowhere, lipstick reapplied by personal chefs relocated, lipstick on your collar, lipstick on your hockey sweater, lipstick field dressing parental responsibility, lipstick the terrifying ignorance of flexible moral creeds.

On the seventh day, God created lipstick, lipstick Ichthys scrawled on door posts leading to the Congress, lipstick job threats bold and red across a trooper’s windshield, lipstick paragraphs in speeches telegraphed, lies blurred in folksy seduction, lipstick policy osmosis arms thrust out toward the Motherland from farthest archipelagos, lipstick applied uneven.

Lipstick Viet Cong internment camp, lipstick patriot turned cold, lipstick character flaws in a lipstick character election, the tables turned from policy because they wear immunity, draped in flags and femininity, a study in hypocrisy, masters of sociology. It took them 40 years of moaning gears distilling juice from bleeding hearts, the GOP has tapped the power of implication. And now you’ll say what they want you to say, ’cause the world’s gone on lipstick vacation.

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