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On Attacking a Bullseye

October 19th, 2008 by admin

On Attacking a Bullseye

You’ve slipped into currents you’re too strong to swim, John McCain. Flows of fear beneath the crust of our nation, the real life reaction to irreconcilable change. It’s only spoken openly in lunch rooms and chat rooms till someone with authority gives it a stage.

This is not simply swiftboating a candidate to ruin. This is a terrorist, communist, Black Panther activist, he jabs at his wife with terror fists, his skin uncomfortably sun-kissed.

There’s a lattice of connections from Obama to Osama, first on emails, then on ballots, then by desperate threatened chairmen. At meetings they spread worksheets of Bill Ayers connect-the-dots. It’s supposed to draw an elephant but some come out as detailed plots.

Women with bad hair insist he’s an A-Rab, they doodle him turbaned on telephone scratch pads. Pundits take intelligence and twist it to elitist with the massive implication that those smart are natural separatists. Grown men who know better carry Curious George to rallies, the only monkey worthy of admission.

There’s no having it both ways, Senator – no well-regarded mud men. There is no bump without the bruise, and while you can take the leftist lumps your diehards play for keeps.

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