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January 25th, 2008 by admin

So I can’t do an audio update this week because I have strep throat and I sound a bit like Marbles from Dick Tracy. But while I have your attention, allow me to direct it to the links section, where there’s a new entry: This is the website of photographer Yun Geng Yang, a friend of mine who worked with me on a photo shoot earlier this fall. The photos were for a short story I wrote, “The Ordination of Montgomery Jackson”, and I intend to use them for press releases as well as cover art for any CD’s I make of the story. Check out his website and be sure to check out his blog, too; both have some amazing photos to view.

I’ll release “The Ordination…” later this year along with some of the images from the shoot, but for those interested, check out this link from Yun’s blog. You’ll find what you’re looking for four images down.


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