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On Obama’s Philadelphia Speech: On Compass Points

March 28th, 2008 by admin

On Obama’s Philadelphia Speech: On Compass Points

God damn America
God damn America, the reverend Wright said, fiery and
measured to the workings of the world.
God damn America, his soul snared to a hate-taut tether,
shocking us with the fruits of black reality.

Did you think old men still heal?
Do you depend on reptilian regeneration?

The maimed and heart-sick elude redemption in times as these, dear friend.
Locked in absolutes,
trading soul’s ascension for 1′s and 0′s,
a Red Scare reissued in classic Black and White.

God damn America, what are you afraid of?
I know it can’t be hatred, for I’ve seen your late night hobbies.
It’s complexity that frightens –
the ship sailing free of its bottle.

But the world is a complex place, dear friend,
for those that wish to view it.
Some don their hate like wrestlers capes,
while others in lottery drew it.
Some hum along lightly to Hate’s handsome tune,
hypnotic in broad thoughtless flow.
Then retractions precisely as jingles still linger –
to quote, “Not as far as I know.”

Some see hate strange-like, abstract and in hues.
In visions of dominoes lined up in pews.
Of rusty nailed boardwalks and tetanus feared beach bans,
robbing the nation of truths found in sun tans.
The burden of vision falls hard on the freckled.
They preach to land dwellers of sea treasures speckled.

America, the understanding I have is that we’re lazy and fat.
We have no grasp of foreign languages
and our knowledge of the tabloids is unhealthy.
I found myself in a debate today
with a woman we’ll call light switch.
She told me that if anything,
the blacks were the racist one’s in this country,
then she turned to feed her mother pudding.

I can’t spot the delta, dear friend,
but I know the river runs far.
Bottles bob forever downstream.
Ships move free with the stars.

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