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On Attacking a Bullseye

October 19th, 2008

On Attacking a Bullseye You’ve slipped into currents you’re too strong to swim, John McCain. Flows of fear beneath the crust of our nation, the real life reaction to irreconcilable change. It’s only spoken openly in lunch rooms and chat rooms till someone with authority gives it a stage. This is not simply swiftboating a [...]

On Sarah Palin’s Wild Ride

October 12th, 2008

On Sarah Palin’s Wild Ride You know, I never knew I was mainstream media. But there I was, ready to speak glowingly of Sarah Palin’s folksy triumphs and…something just…came over me. I felt imbued with the malice of a thousand Katie Couric’s, schooled in “gotcha politics” and Charlie Gibson facial tics. I had the cunning [...]

On Sympathy Pay

October 5th, 2008

On Sympathy Pay “There’s nothing out there that legally forces us to pay them,” says U.S. Capt. Johnathan Tracy, “It’s gratuitous. The point behind the policy is to build friendly relations. Order, order….let’s begin. Claim # 33187, civilian male, 34, accidentally shot in head during Baghdad firefight, wife seeks sympathy pay. Victim was out after [...]