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On The Economy, Part II

September 28th, 2008

On the Economy, Part II Dow, Dow I’m watching the Dow Down, Down, Dow Down past the fingernails tearing slivers of cuticles off fingers of customers, 401Kers calling at all hours and me uncertain and itchy and scratchy blind to the flowers.’Cause where’s the timefor such trivialities in a market such as this in a [...]

On the GOP Convention

September 21st, 2008

On the GOP Convention It’s hard to stay formless or write anything timeless when witnessing minds such as these. The impulse is towards logic, a footnoted dossier cataloging each purple word. But that’s the blog’s harvest, and besides it’s not honest to the way I see my words to be. I won’t be caught clutching [...]

On a Pig, Lipstick

September 14th, 2008

On a Pig, Lipstick I’ve complied a list of terms you should stay away from Barack, just to make sure we don’t have another “Lipstick on a Pig.” Lipstick on a pig, lipstick on a moose, lipstick on any dog less fierce than Pit Bull, lipstick earmarks, lipstick tax, lipstick to nowhere, lipstick reapplied by [...]